Western Province Cat Club Publications

Cats Calling was the magazine of Western Province Cat Club from December 1957 to December 2005 – a remarkable run of 39 years. For much of this period, Cats Calling was the only cat magazine in South Africa, but by 2005 such excellent publications as All About Cats and Cats Life were generally available, and it was impossible to produce a club magazine to their professional standards. We therefore decided to stop publishing Cats Calling.

Newsletter: From 2000 to 2005, Cats Calling was backed up by a newsletter. From 2006 the newsletter was increased to four issues per year. The emphasis in the newsletter is news: what is happening in the cat world in general, the cat fancy in South Africa, and the Club.

60th anniversary booklet: in 2008 the Club celebrated its 60th anniversary. Among the commemorations was a booklet “Western Province Cat Club 1948 – 2008: 60 years of caring about cats”. This was a retrospective look at the Club and the world of cats. Copies are still available: send a stamped, self addressed A5 envelope and R10.

List of contact people for breed groups: WPCC is often contacted by people who have bought kittens which turn out to be sickly or otherwise have problems. There is very little we can do about this, so we decided to tackle the problem from another angle – by making it easier for the general public to find responsible breeders. For several years now this list has been available at shows, and is sent out periodically to our members, who are encouraged to give it to vets, pet shops etc. You can find this list here.

Cats Calling Collection: WPCC has a long and proud tradition of supporting cat-related charities. While compiling the 60th anniversary booklet, we hit upon the idea of collecting some of our members’ stories into a booklet, which we donated to TEARS to sell for fundraising. The Cats Calling Collection is available from TEARS for R20. The TEARS website is www.tears.org.za. We are working on a second Cats Calling Collection to be launched at Cat of the Year in 2010.

Showing Your Cat: This booklet aims to demystify shows and gives information about how to enter, what classes there are, how cats progress from Open Class to Supreme etc. The price is R10.

Notes for Kitten Buyers: Useful advice for anyone looking to buy a kitten, this pamphlet is available free of charge at all WPCC shows.